Cassper Nyovest breaks silence after being blamed for Patrick Shai’s death

Cassper Nyovest is getting savages from a lot of fans who blame the Doc Shebeleza hitmaker for the entertainer’s own death. Many people know that before Patrick killed himself, the late veteran entertainer pushed Cassper Nyovest to a fight on a video. In a bad way, Patric said that Cassper was the son or daughter of a b**ch. This caused a lot of people to be shocked, but the entertainer later apologized in another video.

During the self-destruction, Cassper thought about what he would do.

After news broke that Patrick Shai had killed himself, Cassper was very quiet. People were waiting to see what he would say. He tweeted, “Gwitsi Modimo” around 3 p.m., which is Tswana for “God only knows.” Angry trolls rushed to his tweet to say something negative about him. When Cassper found out, he and his fans were to blame for making Patric go over the edge.

“I trust this man to make you angry.”

“I trust this man to make you angry.” It was one of the things that was planned for Mufasa. Another fan said that the rapper didn’t know what the person who died was going through. Cassper may have been the same thing that made him want to kill himself.

The person who caused their own death is to blame.

In spite of the fact that they are down, some South Africans want to know what caused the older man to kill himself. His family asked for protection, and they are probably not going to find out what was written on the self-destruction note, if there was one. At the point where he tried Cassper, he kept talking about how he was going to pass. This meant that the match was on his list of things to do. The man may not have been able to deal with sadness or something else that made him angry, and no one else should be blamed.

Somebody said that Patrick should try to get Cassper to move. In the event that everyone was paying attention to him, he could have taken his own life out of the blue. Patrick would use his own death as a reason to raise awareness about male depression.

Because of the mistake, Cassper felt bad.

Cassper said that petitions are very important. It’s the best way to be safe, and God won’t leave you. After Shai died, he didn’t use his name in the two tweets.

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