“Is She Pregnant?”- See What Mzanzi Noticed On Andiswa Selepe’s Recent Photos

The number of South African influencers is exceptionally high, especially on social media, and many of them make substantial money as influencers. A good example is Faith Nketsi, who is a well-known social media vlogger and YouTube personality in the country.

Andiswa Selepe, a.k.a. The Bomb RSA, is one of South Africa’s most well-known and gorgeous influencers, and she’s only 24. The attractive young lady has risen through the ranks of South Africa’s brand ambassadors and is now considered by some to be one of the country’s most well-known young superstars.

The teen social media star recently posted a photo that has created a lot of debate among her followers and other young people around the world. As a result of her social media postings, many of Andiswa’s followers were left perplexed. In spite of the fact that she is known for posting some of the most beautiful and professionally photographed images, this collection is noticeably different. It’s clear she’s put on weight since the last time we saw her in these images. For those who claim that she’s gained weight, here are some of her most recent images.

The photos have sparked backlash from some of her followers, who claim she has gained weight. She has previously addressed the issue, stating that she did gain a few pounds, but otherwise feels healthy in the photos she posted. As far as she’s concerned, she looks and feels great right now.