Imagine What Her MotherInLaw Will Say If She Sees This

DJ Zinhle and AKA dated, and they had their own ups and downs. The two of them tried getting back together a number of times, but it just didn’t work out.





There have been a number of times where people have thought things were hectic to a point where AKA and Zinhle were not talking to each other. However, on her reality show, DJ Zinhle spoke about AKA a lot, and she even mentioned that he told her he was pregnant with her second child.

DJ Zinhle also revealed how people don’t understand her relationship with AKA’s mother. She says they have so much in common, and it is the reason why they keep in contact, and visiting each other. She said AKA’s mother will forever be a part of her life because she gave birth to her grand daughter.

However, this might be a little tricky for the woman that AKA is going to end up with. The woman will always have to compete for a spot with DJ Zinhle. At this point, AKA’s mother even visits and plays with DJ Zinhle’s second born. There is nothing wrong with it, but posting it on social media might not be a good move, as it will intimidate whoever AKA is currently dating, and Zinhle’s current man.