Former Uzalo actress Mangcobo recently caused a frenzy looking different dressed in fashion.



Dawn Thandeka King is presently forty three years. She’ll be forty four in October this yr – a month she’s searching ahead to, as is the cutting-edge guy in her life a DBN her five youngsters.

Ex & Current Husband

Dawn Thandeka King’s ex husband is a bussinessman called Jabulani Msomi. The two grew up together and had been married for 15 years till their divorce.

Theirs might be counted a few of the most amicable divorces in South Africa and within the international. Unlike maximum couples who would begin hating on every different after a divorce, Dawn Thandeka King still speaks nicely of her husband. In truth, usually, she encourages her children to have a sturdy bond with their father.

The cause for their divorce has been a topic of speculations. Dawn has given pointers, however, inclusive of lack of conversation and distance (she and her husband lived in exclusive towns due to her acting commitments) . She in all likelihood nevertheless loves Jabulani Msomi.


Althoug after her divorce, which she mourned, Dawn had stated she wasn’t in a hurry to stroll down the wedding course once more, she has considering that found love in the palms of another man.

Mlungisi Duncan is the most modern man in Dawn’s life right now. They’re not married yet, Duncan can not be called her modern husband.


That however, it’s far clean the two of them are severely in love. They were sharing photographs of themselves collectively online, and it’s miles doubtful they’d forestall any time quickly

Net Worth

In an enterprise that looks to thrive on noise, Dawn Thandeka King has now not been making all the noises, in particular with regards to her internet well worth. So the figures flying about are guesswork at best.

Industry chiefs will let you know, but, that she’s most of the millionaire figures in the enterprise. Not bad, we’d upload, for someone so committed to her work


Dawn Thandeka King has five youngsters with her ex-husband. All five youngsters share a not unusual similarity of their names, which all start with the letter “J”. Jadazia, Jaedon, Jayda, Jaydeen, and Jaedon are Dawn’s kids. They appear to be near her heart.


Dawn Thandeka King is not the various noisy celebs obtainable, and much of her belongings have now not been shared with the sector. So, among others, her residence continues to be a subject of speculations amongst enthusiasts.

Anyway, Dawn isn’t doing badly. She’s got a nice crib which she stocks together with her crib – a place she can, and is satisfied to name, domestic.


Dawn Thandeka King has a huge family in which she is nicely pleased – five youngsters in all. Although she is but to remarry following her divorce from Jabulani, she’s not ruled out some other marriage and extra kids.

She is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram . On her recent post she posted beautiful pictures of her looking absolutely gorgeous . Which left many speechless in Mzansi