“I Will Pay $15,000 Monthly To Any Man Who Will Marry Me Under This Condition”- Lady Says

A Ghanian woman unveiled that she’ll pay any man who needs to wed her, the entirety of GHc25,000 week by week yet needs to meet a few necessities.

As indicated by Isabella, she has raked in boatloads of cash from where she functions because of an associated one of her friendly benefactors accomplished for her however she has aims of settling down for the last time.

Notwithstanding, men who have enthusiasm for the wedding must be prepared to surrender to her conditions which she illustrated via web-based media.

My name is Isabella Johnson, and I have been living here in Kumasi Ghana since I was pretty much nothing. At first, I was living with my folks, much the same as barely any kilometers from my present home, before I moved into my very own condo, here in Kumasi, however, I won’t uncover the location for security purposes.

Truly, I have had a lot of connections which I will say unmistakably that it has never preferred me.

I have dated young men and young men of my age, however, It seems as I don’t have karma with regards to connections and trying.

A large portion of these young men will guarantee me paradise and earth for me to acknowledge them, of which I gave them reasons certain that they won’t bomb me, however all without any result. Inside 1 year, the relationship will begin to disintegrate, of which what will follow next will separate.

Yet, by dating some elderly people men, I had the option to get entrance and association with where I work now, and I bring in a gigantic measure of cash each month, as you will be stunned to discover the amount I procure.

Yet, since the time at that point, I have been single and looking for adoration.

I have met countless men who professed to adore me, yet along the line, I will find what they need is my cash and not Marriage.

So I have chosen to give any man GHc90,000 month to month to any man who will consent to wed me under this Condition as I state underneath.

1. To wed me, you should be a tall attractive

man of honour, who realizes how to satisfy a woman consistently.

2. To wed me you should realize how to cook the majority of Ghana’s Mouth delicious dinners. What’s more, your food should consistently be scrumptious.

3. You should be acceptable in all repercussions, both in the other path round (am certain you comprehend what I mean by being acceptable in all Ramifications).

4. You should consistently remain at home most of the day to keep after the house since I will be the one working and will be paying you GHc90,000 month to month. So there won’t be a requirement for you to go out and work.

5. You can just home base with your companions on just Sundays. Also, on the off chance that you need to join with visit companions, you should remember me for your arrangements since I currently have trust issues.

6. You should not answer any call from some other lady with the exception of that of your relatives and relations. In no way like “she is only a companion”, that is inadmissible.

7. Before a Baby will come and live with us, our children more likely than not get to the period of Juvenile, and any babysitter that will come to live with us must be an Old lady, and I will be the one to pick who it will be.

8. You don’t try to examine our private lives with your companions, relatives, family members, and wellwishers. It is intended to be a mystery between us.

9. By no means or condition should any of your companions past the night in our home. This is our home and not theirs.

Content created and supplied by: Sihlengadlela26 (via Opera News )