Somizi’s Knee Leaves Tweeps In Stitches

This trip is going to be a magnificent one and Somizi and Vusi have a lot to celebrate aside from the fact that people keep harassing Vusi over his sexuality and as usual Somizi was there to clap back at the haters.

“angilwi ngiyabuza (I’m not fighting, I’m asking)..what’s the obsession with other people’s sexuality…its as if the answers will improve a certain aspect of your life….or as if it makes one feel better about themselves if they out someone else….trust me he is content and I hope you are too and enjoy your life,” he said.

A tweep said when one comes out, some gain confident to also come out but Somizi rubbished that.

“How many people should come out for people to be comfortable with themselves and why should it take that for them to reach that point…do u think if more black people owned land and the world would mean racism will end …nope…I just think people must deal with their homophobia,” he wrote.