Lady Zamar talks about hate – You are digging your own grave

Lady ZamarGather the congregation and ready the choir, Lady Zamar is in preach mode and dropped some pearls of wisdom on the topic of hate this week. The star has had her fair share of trips to the Twitter trends list, after being dragged for everything from her personal life to fashion.

She took to Twitter this week to address the hate she has been getting over the last few years and reminded her fans that haters are only hurting themselves. “Hate kills only you,” she said. Zamar added that so much energy is “wasted” trying to bring someone down, while destroying your own soul in the process.

You waste so much time plotting and planning someone’s demise only for it to be your own grave you’re digging.” She encouraged her followers to stay in their own lane and not listen to the hate. “Focus on your own growth and your own journey,” she added.

Her comments come just months after she told fans that often a hater can become a fan. “So what if some people don’t understand you? If they criticise and berate you? Fact is, it won’t be everyone and eventually, haters will become fans if you stay authentic, honest and true to you and who you are.”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about how she felt about the backlash she often got, the Collide hitmaker explained that she was tired of people saying she was always looking for attention.“I am trying to find my identity as an African child and show others they can do that too without being placed in a mould of what you should wear or how you should look

Lady Zamar


Lady Zamar