The Most Nigerian Chitenge Dresses For 2017

We are well aware that as humans, we react to the things we see differently and this has inspired us to put together this selection of African Chitenge Dresses styles that we thought to share with you, owning to the fact that we can’t seem to stop admiring them. We trust that you will love them too, you might not it all depends on what speaks to you at the moment.

We’ve seen that the African print fabric can be used to make a whole lot of amazing and hot styles. We’ve decided that you need to see these Chitenge styles, these looks are suggestions for when next you have a wedding to attend and you have to sew an Chitenge style.

One of the major reasons why the Chitenge has this much love is that it epitomizes the essence of who we are as a people, to forget the Chitenge is like forgetting yourself and we know you can’t forget yourself.

While a nice fabric is always a good place to start, the style itself is what brings the fabric to life, giving forth a look that people would be excited to see and mimic.



most African countries is a playground for the most fashionable; while the idea that courses through our mind is to attend the  with Nigerian Chitenge the newly weds the reality is quite different.

The fabric that is given as an Chitenge can be intensely colorful, filled with intriguing themes and patterns or it could be bland ordinary and uninspiring.