How To Wear Tswana Wedding Dresses 2018

Dress was so beautiful to the point where hundreds of brides copied it, will be sharing pics of other brides wearing it. congragulations to this beautiful couple,we so love how the bride and bridesmaids looked in those beautiful dresses.In celebration of Heritage Day, enjoy the beautiful looks of brides of all South African ethnic tribes. They’re all colourful and rich in culture.A married woman in Tswana culture wears an attire called letoitsi, with a white blanket around her shoulders.

tswana traditional wedding dresses

Traditional tswana culture and attire but that does not mean that people do not go for the civil marriage or church marriage. Its happens that couple go for both the marriage ceremony that is in church as well as in home as a traditional tswana wedding. In Church wedding mostly women wear white gown dress but when it comes to the traditional Marriage then there are some special Tswana Traditional Wedding Attire For Couples which you have to keep in mind that is why down here on this page we are going to share some of the Tswana Traditional Wedding Attire.