Stylish and Easy chitenge designs

hi all women in africa .More and more people are found rocking chitenge wear and doing it well at various occasions, and now, even in night clubs! IT is something that Zambians and even most Africans in general have known to be conservative and traditional.

Now, a chitenge can be worn in many ways other than the conventional ways dictated by society. You can dress it up or dress it down, the designs and ways of wearing it are almost infinite.


likes to wear chitenge and would like more designers to get more comfortable with it in their work so that more people enjoy this trend everywhere in the world.

chitenge into my designs. I do love western clothing, but it gives me so much pride to be fashion-forward and still wear who I am as a Zambian and an African!” I soon learnt that her name was Kasonde Nkole, the creative force behind the local emerging Afrocentric fashion label Kasslita’s Designs. Her eye-catching collection proudly reflects the flamboyant style pulse of Mother Zambia with a touch of trendy western influences

chitenge was if I was forced by my aunt or for African Freedom Day at school, but now I can happily wear chitenge material because the latest designs appeal to me as a person. I don’t even want to wear western clothes as much as I did weeks ago,’ says Tandy Lungu from the school of Humanities and Social Sciences at Unza.

chitenge material is rich in so many ways and that it is something precious like a jewel most people will realise later as the best. Its fabric looks good and it is comfortable but when professionally designed, its fashion speaks with each unique design.

fashion industry is evolving in ways no one could ever imagine, local designers are marketing this material to all ages and sexes as a way to keep the cultural aspect alive but still encourage all types of people to wear chitenge fashionably.