Stylish and Easy chitenge designs

hi all women in africa .More and more people are found rocking chitenge wear and doing it well at various occasions, and now, even in night clubs! IT is something that Zambians and even most Africans in general have known to be conservative and traditional.

Now, a chitenge can be worn in many ways other than the conventional ways dictated by society. You can dress it up or dress it down, the designs and ways of wearing it are almost infinite.


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Easy and Simple Nail Art Designs 2017

nails design never get out of fashion due to its alluring effects. Modern nails designs are highly updated with times from its old version. The advanced colour technology adds extra lustre to the modern red acrylic nails designs.perfect for party purposes. Add beads on red acrylic nail designs to get an extra glamorous look. Simple red acrylic nails designs are suitable for everyone

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