safari in south africa 2017/ 18

Safaris in Africa has become very popular among many people and over the years has become a lot of couples, families and youth amateur adventure to go to spend their vacation on a safari in Africa to enjoy watching the wildlife up close, the safari is a distinctive and unique experience without a doubt, but the problem the only where is that many people who go on these trips do not know much about them, Most of them do not know where is the ideal place to stay, or what things you should carry with him when he went

To Safari or what you journey will be expected to be watching or test him during the safari, especially that many of us have never seen wild animals before, but in metal cages or from behind a barbed wire fence at the zoo, but it is quite different in Africa, there will be able to wildlife scenes in natural environment and to separate the two of you without a fence or cage, you might find yourself standing just a few steps from the huge elephant and weighed at least 3 tons or perhaps a number of other wild animals

Kenya and Tanzania are considered the favorite destinations for safaris, but South Africa is the perfect destination among many who love safaris, In South Africa there is Kruger National Park, which spans 18,989 square kilometers and there beside a fully protected “Sabi Sands” natural and there you will find a variety of animals wild, including the months and the most serious of five animals in Africa (like a lion), and a lot of visitors watching the five serious group of animals during the traditional safari in “Sabi Sands” protected while in a place like Kenya may Astgrqk several hours before they encounter an animal one.

A way to access the “Sabi Sands” protected: the “O.R. Airport Tambo “International Airport in Johannesburg, you can go on a trip by plane to the protected by booking a flight from the company” Federal Air “, this trip takes 2-3 hours and will land your plane in one of the airstrips in the reserve and there you will find it takes you and your luggage own to allocated for the establishment of protected visitors to the place, you can also go to the car protected by a relatively long journey of 7-10 hours.

Things you should Thzmha in your bag ready to go on a safari: luggage that you have to be incurred during a safari vary according to the season in which it will go safari but in general you should bring with you comfortable and simple clothes and you’ll be stylish and expensive clothes left in your house, buy Anti-insect spray is not necessary because itBecause it is available in the reserve, and you should not forget to bring with you to antimalarial drugs, this is absolutely necessary, the type of shoe that Stertdi during the safari is not specific where you can wear any type of shoe special and that you will be protected to explore during a trip by car and the type of shoe while in the car will not make a big difference, but he prefers to bring your sneakers or shoes allow you to roam free in the middle of the land areas of clay and so if you want to go on a short tour of one of the areas in the reserve.

Accommodation: varied accommodation in “Sabi Sands” protected between small houses comfortable with appropriate prices, luxury accommodation with high prices, but if you’re looking for a distinctive service wonderful and the place you reside and meals appetite offering you every day you go to the “Chitwa Chitwa hotel “which is found in” Sabi Sands “protected and is marked by a set of small lodges and supplement each with swimming pool, in the area where the hotel is located a number of boreholes and drink them animals so do not be surprised too much if I saw a herd of elephants while dealing with a meal Breakfast in the hotel.

How do you expect that things are going during your visit to the reserve: often are protected by providing twice daily for guests, one early and one morning in the evening and both trips takes 3 hours, and this trip will be to explore the protected wildlife viewing and be through an open car without a roof, most cars can accommodate to nine passengers in addition to the tour guide and the guests briefed on important information relating to the place and the animals that live there, and during the trip by car will run you a directory of safety procedures and the importance of staying seated in the car so that you do provoking predatory wild animals that may be encountered in place.