botswana safari holidays 2017

The Republic of Botswana Sub-Saharan Africa in the south of the continent of the most popular for lovers of safari tourism in the world, with an area of ​​580 thousand square kilometers, and a population of no more than two million inhabitants areas.

And Botswana has turned to the world’s most abundant wildlife, which includes the Big Five animals in Africa, they are the most dangerous in the savannah base animals are: (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino), and the wildlife there is only limited mammals abound in the area where zebras and giraffes and leopards and ostriches, and that Botswana is also an important destination for animal lovers and wildlife explorers because of the content of the world’s animals

They can also visiting the Republic of Botswana to enjoy a trip fantastic safari, especially in the famous Okavango Delta region, which is the inner Delta the biggest in the world, will have visitors experience a great adventure aboard a boat motor made from the trunk of the tree, which will travel them to the forest to see the enormous herd of elephants buffalo and so on along the banks of the Chobe River.