African Cornrow Hairstyles 2018

your basic look can transform into an elegant look. This is also an ideal protective style especially if you don’t have enough time to style your hair every day. After taking them down, you will be amazed by the gorgeous waves on your hair.

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Awesome Senegalese Twist Hairstyles In 2017

In fact, the above average shortness of these twists may actually make them look even thicker. Certainly a great choice for those who are impatient, and want to get their twists done before growing their hair out long!Not only does this unique style stand out amongst the crowd, but due to the time it takes to successfully pull it off, those with senegalese twists rarely need to visit a hairdresser. In fact, after getting one of these cuts, you could go months without needing a trim!

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Trends Ombre Bob Hairstyles must see 2017 2018

Yet, you will still have the length to create cute braids and twists, half knots and even complete updo hairstyles. But, sometimes it is not enough, Women are very easy and quick to become bored, But you can’t go and shorten your hair each time you want to freshen up your look. And changing color drastically is also not an option to experiment all the time. Consequently, there remains another great variant – highlighting.

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Cute summer 2017 2018 hairstyles for women

beach days. Before getting to see the pictures, let’s define which are the main tendencies. Well, first of all, as in all other cases, it is naturalness. No matter what style you choose make sure it fits your age, your skin tone, you natural hair texture. However, I want to say that summer is the time of crazy solutions. So feel free to play with your looks and be rebel!

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buzz cut hairstyles for women trends 2018

Well, all the buzz came it with model and artist Cara Delevingne suddenly changing her hairstyles. From her gorgeous bronde mane she went chin length and platinum blonde. Actually, this can be easily explained due to the bob cuts trend. But when Cara decided to go pixie, we all felt that alert of something huge coming on. A couple of weeks later we faced a brand new styleSome actresses are obliged to change hairstyles for some important role like Charlize Theron. She went absolutely cropped for Mad Max movie. Others just love it. Another variation of buzz cuts

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Natural Hairstyles for 2017 Afro-Heritage

Before going further, let me remind you a few things about black hair. First is the very special hair type, dizzy, frizzy, dry and lifeless at first sight, in reality black women hair has the power of converting into all the possible hair looks, you only need to know how to get along with them. And here what yo need to always remember is keeping them enough moisturized to avoid the frizziness

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