Gogo Maweni gifts her mother a new BMW on Mother’s Day

Well-known South African reality TV star, businesswoman, and Sangoma, Gogo Maweni gave her mother a sweet surprise on Mother’s Day.



Mothers were celebrated across the globe on Sunday, and the socials were filled with various amazing gestures.

Taking to Instagram, the sangoma revealed how she surprised her mom with a BMW car.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my Queen ❤️ I love you mama,” Gogo captioned the video.

Friends, fans, and followers congratulated the sangoma’s mother and also celebrated Maweni for being a sweet daughter.

In the video, Gogo Maweni’s mother got emotional as she was surrounded by family.

The mother entered the car while trying to digest the surprise event.
@kolobe5888 wrote: ‘A living ancestor – give the flowers while they can smell them … this is beautiful ♥️’

@ms_hazel9018 commented: ‘This is sooo beautiful, congratulations to mommy happy Mother’s Day to both of you’

@rich_madame said: ‘U love your mom so much God bless you for that.’

@lokomotionhun wrote: ‘you’re doing well Gogo congratulations on being able to buy your mom a wonderful gift’

@lebo_jojo_mokoena commented: ‘❤️❤️Chopping onions! Beautiful’

@cooking_with_nonsi said: ‘This is so amazing to praise your parent while still alive ❤️❤️ more blessings coming your way’

@borotho87 wrote: ‘Not forgetting your roots ancestors will show off on your behalf halala ngiya kuvuma Gogo!’

@mpho_wa_badimo commented: ‘This is Beautiful Badimo bao okeletse hofeta Nkgono ‘