Miss SA runner-up Nande Mabala reacts to Supranational ‘snub’?

Miss SA fans are questioning why Bryoni Govender, and not fellow runner-up Nande Mabala, was selected as the representative for the Miss Supranational pageant.

Bryoni, the first runner-up to winner Natasha Joubert, represented South Africa at the Miss Universe pageant in December 2023. She was placed in the Top 20.


Nande has kept a low profile since crowing last year.

Miss Supranational takes place on 6 July in Nowy Sacz, Poland.

In a statement on Thursday, 11 April, Miss SA organisers announced that Bryoni Govender would represent the pageant at Miss Supranational in July.

She continued: “These preparations have included intense training sessions to enhance my physical fitness, catwalk, poise and stage presence. I have also been working with top-notch trainers to improve my communication skills and develop a strong and impactful voice. I always say that the most important thing for me when preparing for any competition is to have a positive and healthy mindset and to have put in all the necessary work,” she reveals.

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Bryoni believes that her experience at the Miss Universe pageant will place her in good stead to enter Miss Supranational.

She added: “. Whether I win a crown or not, I’ll continue making South Africa proud. So, here’s to dreams realised, lessons learned, and the magic of representing my country on a global stage!”

Meanwhile, South Africans, particularly Miss SA fans, are questioning why fellow runner-up Nande Mabala was not an option for Miss Supranational.

“It should have been you, Queen,” one Instagram follower posted, tagging Nande in the comments section. Another added: “Hectic! What happened to Nande?”. A third added: “Miss SA needs to do away with second runner-up because it seems like it is just giving her false hope.”

Nevertheless, Nande shared her best wishes with Bryoni Govender.

She posted in the comments section: “This is what I want to see. You’re about to raise and solidify SA on that stage. Also, one thing you’ll do is slay a photo shoot”.

Bryoni thanked Nande for her gracious comments, responding: “I always appreciate your support.”

Meanwhile, South Africans are also questioning why Bryoni and not Miss SA title winner Natasha Joubert is not representing Mzansi at Miss Supranational.

In an interview with 947 last year, Natasha emphasised that she does not want to compete globally during her year of reign.

She said: “I’m not going to the Supernational. This was the goal of coming back was serving my country”.

She added: “And I meant it, I really did mean it, but I’m giving another lady an opportunity to go and represent. For me, Miss South Africa was always the goal. I wanted this job”.

According to Miss SA organisers, title holders or their runner-ups can compete in both Miss Universe and Miss Supranational, if their scheduling permits.