Thembi Seete speaks on her intimate scenes as ‘Portia’ on ‘Adulting’

Well-known Mzansi actress Thembi Seete is to make her debut on the hit drama series Adulting, playing the role of Portia, a middle-aged, rich housewife at her peak.

The actress was announced as one of the new faces for the second season of the show with Samkelo Ndlovu and Nomalanga Shozi.

Portia is different to the roles she’s played before, Thembi said.



“I’ve never played a rich, spoilt, and glamorous lady. It’s always been township-based and I like to believe Portia also has a township background because I brought in that element as well. That’s the only part where I felt like this character is bringing something new.

“My intimate scenes have never been this intimate. It felt like it was my first time acting and that’s the beauty of acting. You can’t say you’re comfortable with it because acting introduces you to different characters and different personalities. The things you get to do are always different. So with this one, it came with a lot of things that shook me a bit and made me uncomfortable. But I also love being uncomfortable.”

Apart from always wanting to work with Tshedza Pictures, Thembi said what made her agree to be a part of the risqué series was wanting to surprise herself and her fans.

“I know a lot of people will be like, ‘Thembi seems like she’s strict with herself and she’s a good role model’. But, why are we so scared to talk about ? Why are we scared to talk about intimacy? I think this stems from our parents because they were never comfortable to talk to us about intimacy. But it should be handled with respect. These are the elements I thought about — to say ‘You know what? S.e.x is not a bad thing. It’s what created us.’”