Loliwe no more: South African singer Zahara dies

After over two weeks battling liver complications, South African singer Zahara (35) (real name Bulelwa Mkutukana) has reportedly died at a private hospital in Johannesburg this Monday night just before 9pm.“The family will release a statement soon. She was with Mpho when she passed away,” the source told the publication.





Zahara’s cousin Oyama Dyosiba who is the spokesperson for the Mkutukana family said he was struggling to locate Xaba on Monday night.

“I am getting calls from everywhere. I am in Cape Town and I am doing my best to get hold of Mpho. I can’t get hold of him,” he added.Zahara had been admitted in a Johannesburg hospital for the past fortnight with a liver ailment, with the family releasing a statement last week that they wanted privacy while she received treatment.

“Unfortunately, even though our daughter’s hospitalisation has been of strict confidentiality within our family and close friends, that hasn’t stopped the spread of disingenuous information on the internet.

“We want to stress that any reliable information regarding Zahara’s health will be communicated via her official social media platforms or by herself,” the family said at the time.According to publication Zimoja, things have not been rosy behind the scenes, with Xaba reportedly changing an agreement made in which only himself, Zahara’s mother Nokhaya, her two sisters and brother were allowed to visit her in the ICU at a private hospital.

“This week an angry Xaba told hospital management and doctors treating Zahara that only himself will visit her, claiming her family wants to control everything yet they won’t pay for her hospital bills.

“Zahara family has been banned from visiting her after he overheard them discussing unsettling money issues yet they won’t pay for urgent medical procedures that need to be done to save her. Mpho put his foot down and said he’s Zahara husband,” the source said.