Eminem faces death hoax as fans left devastated by false rumours

Eminem is the latest artist to have faced a cruel death hoax leaving his fans devastated. It has been reported that some netizen edited the acclaimed rapper’s Wikipedia page to say that the Slim Shady hitmaker died at the age of 51 on December 10, 2023.



The rumour was however soon dispelled after the original version was restored revealing that the rapper is very much alive. According to Metro, the edit of the Wikipedia page of the rapper, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, was shared on X, formerly Twitter, leaving the singer’s fans confused and devastated

Eminem was soon trending on Twitter with the hashtag RIPEminem became a thing.After the reports of his death were dispelled, his fans expressed concerns as one of them wrote, “I nearly had a heart attack when Eminem’s page was edited.”

Another user chimed in, “I actually had heart palpitations! So so so happy he isn’t actually dead.” A third fan of the hitmaker lashed out at the unknown person who edited the rapper’s info in Wikipedia as they wrote, “Big f**k you. Don’t play when it comes to him.