Lerato Mahlasela: Get to Know Linda’s Sister Jackie from Scandal!

Lerato Mahlasela who plays Linda’s Sister on Scandal etv
Full name: Lerato Popiki Mahlasela
Nickname: Popiki
Date of birth: 1991-93 ( 29-32 years)
Place of Origin: Johannesburg, East Rand, Daveyton, South Africa
Education: University of Pretoria
Height: 1.72m
Occupation: Actress, Model, Caterer, Businesswoman and poet
Known for: Jackie from Scandal!
Net worth: Unknown
Nationality: South African






Early life
According to her agencies, Lerato Mahlasela was born in Daveyton, in East Rand, Johannesburg. Not much is known about her early life. However, we do know that she has participated and won in multiple beauty pegeants early in her life.

In fact, she won, Miss Little Daveyton in 2001 and Miss Daveyton in 2008, with other pegeant wins in-between. So, she has always been into modeling and her tall stature of 1.72m gives her quite the advantage.

While her age is absolutely private, it’s important to know that, most sources cité that she’s at least in her 30s. However, our research reveals that her age might be between 30 and 31. Meaning Lerato Mahlasela was most likely born between 1991-1993.

According to her résumé, the actress has two degrees, both from the university of Pretoria. But before she enrolled at UP, she finished her high school education at Liverpool Secondary School in 2010.

Thereafter, she enrolled at UP to study a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, and another bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts. Moreover, she even furthered her degree(s) to honours level.

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Personal life
According to her social media. The actress has at least one son, who is around the age of 6 as of 2023. However, her relationship status is of private status. Moreover, aside from acting, she runs a business called Popiki Crown Food.

Lerato Mahlasela known as Jackie from Scandal
Lerato Mahlasela known as Jackie from Scandal
So, she’s not just an actress but an entrepreneur aswell. Furthermore, she is also a philanthropist and occasionally donates to those in need when she can. This should tell you a lot about the type of person she is.

Career of Lerato Mahlasela
Her career started in modeling. From as early as she was in high school. She won multiple beauty pegeants including, Miss Little Daveyton (2001), Miss Benoni (2005), Miss Spring (2006), Miss Summer High school (2007), and Miss Daveyton (2008).

However, after high school, she attended university and got a degree in criminology and dramatic arts. Then she participated in few TV shows. In few whare she was a lead role.

These shows include lead roles in Hawe Ma (2018) and Surviving the family (2015). And, support roles in Ambitions (2017), Thola (2016), Isizwe (2015) and Moferefere Lenyalong in 2011. She also has a plethora of Theatre credits including Wings, TFD and Georges Marvelous Medicine in 2016.