‘Public eye is difficult for kids’: Tweeps on DJ Zinhle’s kids on social media

After Lynn Forbes revealed that AKA came to her in a dream about his daughter Kairo Forbes being on social media, fans have weighed in.On the first episode of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected season three, Lynn Forbes and DJ Zinhle spent some quality time together while on a hike. As they sat down, Lynn’s son and DJ Zinhle’s “baby daddy” – rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes came up in conversation.






AKA was shot dead outside of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road on 10 February. Lynn revealed that she visits her son’s grave and it brings her peace.

She also said that AKA came to her in a dream and said that they need to take his daughter Kairo Forbes off social media.

“I told you about the dream I had…” said Lynn as Zinhle chimed in “take Kairo off social media.”

“But you know Kiernan was never really keen for Kairo being on social media. So every time I think about this dream I realise how clear that dream was. It was really a visit, it wasn’t just a dream,” said Lynn.TWEEPS WEIGH IN
Twitter users have weighed in on Zinhle’s kids being on social media. Take a look…

“I fully, totally, and a hundred percent support the decision to take the kids off social media. The public eye is difficult for adults. How much more on children,” wrote @MNTASE99254009.

“I wonder how one removes social media when you need it at the same time, I don’t know how she’s going to work around the social media issue with the kids,” wrote @NOT_ongama.

“Aww AKA’s mum sharing about her visit to AKA’s grave💔💔💔💔. And the dream to limit Kairo’s presence on social media