Emtee defends Amanda Black against online trolls

In an era dominated by social media, artists often find themselves walking a tightrope between fame and relentless criticism. However, it’s heartwarming to witness musicians, such as Emtee, leveraging their online platforms to stand up for their fellow creatives, as seen in his recent defence of Amanda Black against trolls and disrespectful comments.Emtee’s defence of Amanda Black holds deeper significance due to their shared history. Both artists were once signed under the same record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, where they experienced their fair share of hardships.



However, his response to critics shows that he has never let adversity define him. Emtee’s confidence in himself and his refusal to succumb to negativity exemplify the importance of self-care and self-belief for artists.

Emtee issued a stern warning to those who dared to disrespect Amanda Black on social media

In his response to trolls, Emtee emphasized, “I never look bummy. U don’t know me.” This assertion reflects the artist’s determination to maintain his self-esteem and dignity, serving as an inspiration for others grappling with online bullying.

While Emtee’s defence of Amanda Black is commendable, it also brings to the forefront the dark side of social media. The incident that prompted the defence involved a viral photo of Amanda Black performing at the Maseru Jazz Festival.

The incident unfolded as Amanda Black found herself the subject of trolling and derogatory comments following a recent show. Her appearance in a viral photo led to some Twitter users making comparisons and poking fun at her, drawing parallels with DJ Sbu.

The incident not only highlights the need for artists to rally behind each other but also raises questions about the culture of cyberbullying and the impact it has on individuals in the public eye.MUSICIANS UNITE
Emtee’s defence of Amanda Black is a testament to the strength of the bond they share and the importance of self-care and resilience in the face of online trolling. This incident serves as a reminder that artists, regardless of their stature, are vulnerable to the perils of social media but can also find strength in unity.

By addressing the issue of online negativity and promoting responsible online behaviour, we can work toward creating a more supportive and respectful digital landscape for artists and all individuals alike.