Did You Know That Nyawo From Uzalo Works At Eskom In Real Life?

Who hasnโ€™t heard of Nyawo, the super dictionary? the character who uses grand words throughout each episode in which he appears. He goes by the name Cebolenkosi Mthembu and works as an electrical technician, radio host, and vocalist. The actor claimed that he uses bombastic language to distinguish his character from those of other actors.






He claimed that he enjoys playing a supportive role for others. Mthembu performs well in his character while holding down a regular job, and he expressed his gratitude to the filmmakers for being flexible with his schedule. He revealed that, unless there is an emergency, he always shoots in the morning or late afternoon.

He has worked in the entertainment world for quite some time, and he still has excellent multitasking skills. Mthembu declared that he preferred to be a humorous police officer rather than one who was stern and stuffy. When he first appeared on their screens, many people didnโ€™t understand him, but now heโ€™s the source of many laughter.

He was assisting students with algebra while others in lockdown were getting bored. Through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, he was able to accomplish so.