Coming Up Next On #SkeemSaam September 2023

Coming Up Next On #SkeemSaam
Monday 25 September 2023
Episode 61
Tsheola reveals a shocking truth about Alfios’s passing. The Seakamelas worry about Kwaito’s whereabouts. Babeile lands himself in deep trouble.


Tuesday 26 September 2023
Episode 62
Elizabeth is ambushed by her lover’ ex-girlfriend. The Maths Olympiad results are announced. Chef Kgosi manages to impress Francois but at the cost of his job.
Wednesday 27 September 2023
Episode 63
Elizabeth blows a fuse over her mother’s latest stunt. Babeile loses it when he is invited for a disciplinary hearing. Chef Kgosi’s plan begins to fall apart.
Thursday 28 September 2023
Episode 64
The Station commander wants Rathebe and Babeile’s heads on the chopping block. Francois discovers that Chef Kgosi is in Little Paris. The Maputlas are left curious when a family member unexpectedly comes home.
Friday 29 September 2023
Episode 65
Jacobeth finally receives her special delivery in the form of a cup. Malebana is floored at the Station Commander’s decision. Leeto drops a bombshell on his family.