“Out of jail for the weekend?”, Woman looks just like Dr Nandipha

This has to explain why there are all these theories about the controversial couple, Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha, there was an escape that once happened as you know.

And if there is a story that claims that Dr Nandipha was at a Jazz show recently, people would not put it past her because of who she is.



However, at the same time, we have to understand that this is a high profile case and one thing that the SAPS cannot afford to do is to drop the ball.

They cannot afford to make errors, especially now and as far as this particular story here is concerned, we sure do know that there are people who look alike.

Sometimes it is not so much and then, there are instances where someone is a complete doppelganger of you and this is suspected here by some people.

You probably got to see the reactions about the story and to add some context, the picture you see at the top was shared by one of Twitter’s well-known accounts in SA Twitter.

The person shared the picture and said, “she was out of jail for the weekend to party” and the intention might have been to get people’s reactions.

And if you are familiar with the Twitter account, then you would know that the guy usually posts some funny content.