Imani Battles To Find Proof Defending Herself Regarding The Utilisation

Lindelani ends up in a compromising circumstance. Tenda reveals his insight about Imani and the muti. Vhutshilo tenders his acquiescence.

James coincidentally finds a fractional video cut that proposes Imani is liable for the child’s disfigurement. Rendani looks for Tuwani’s direction on the best way to for all time eliminate Lindelani from the house. Tendamudzimu takes steps to rebuff Susan for her endeavor to assist Vhutshilo with leaving the country.




Vho-Makhadzi and Vho-Masindi endeavor a custom to eliminate Lindelani from the house, however things don’t go as expected. Vhutshilo feels sold out after finding that Susan paid the DJ to take him on visit.

Vho-Makhadzi will follow through on any cost to guarantee Lindelani is ousted from the regal house. James and Gugu understand that Imani has double-crossed them to their adversaries. Vhutshilo is irate with his mom for humiliating him.

The seniors resort to utilizing muti in the house. demands sending Imani home. Susan requests that Tuwani incorporate Vhutshilo back into the program.

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