ETVScandal: Thabang fails to escape and gets caught in a trap

Scamming people never gets you anywhere, sometimes you get lucky but sometimes your luck will run out. This is the case for Thabang who thought he was going to make a quick buck from kidnapping a child and getting money out of it. While it worked for others, he was unlucky because he was


caught before he could run away with the R2 million leaving Tabea behind. Jojo caught him and has been beating him up since. When Friday’s episode ended, we thought Thabang was going to escape from Jojo but according to the teasers, he will be caught in a trap instead. Jojo has been making sure he hides the fact that he knows where Thabang is so that he could teach him a lesson that he will never forget. It is clear that Thabang likes taking chances. Please don’t forget to like, share, leave a comment, and follow for more articles.