A lady on social media has revealed that Big Zulu is her daily crush

Yanda Chunu has revealed that Big Zulu has been a person she would love to become a partner to, and the comment was clear about her intentions for the South African hip-hop star. He surprised a lot of people when he was seen in a different fashion than the one for which he is famous for. He was not someone expected to wear that kind of fashion, as he has been talking about his fashion even though some other people are not supporting him on it. There are a few of them who like that kind of fashion, and you would mostly see that it was coming from one nation.




As for Yanda, it is not known if she will get what she wants or if he is going to give it attention or not. As for the rapper, it may be well known that he has a relationship after a picture of him circulated on social media and people came to think or learn that he is a gay man. But that was not something surprising because there are a lot of people, and they come out to announce who they are. According to the timeline of Yanda, she is based in the KwaZulu-Natal province, where Big Zulu may have a large fan base for his music. It was reported that the star would be having a boxing fight with King Monada, but it has not happened.

Many people are still waiting for that day to arrive. But MacG, from his podcast and chill, said it is not going to become big if Cassper Nyovest is not part of it.

“I am opening up. It is difficult to be a musician. We face insults and hate and are insulted and called bad names on Twitter and Facebook. People are on standby to attack us. In this industry, you don’t know your enemy and your friend. In this work, we thank God if we wake up and get another chance where there is nothing. People are insulting or attacking us trying to find the mistake. All I ask is respect and thank all those who are still able to respect other people.”