Limpopo:Makhadzi Ordered To Cover Thighs When Performing

Mozambique was fire. I was invited by moz government and bawito for kids festival. They asked to cover my body o had to follow the order incase you asking your self where is my thighs.

we encourage other artists to learn from my cousin and make sure that they are to perform in other countries this will also make them to be known and also to have an opportunity with their fence in other countries.




Makhadzi was ordered to cover her “thighs” when she was performing for the children in Mozambique, many people in Limpopo can learn from the people of Mozambique on how they do things.

as a parent you must make sure that you help your children to select clothes when they’re buying clothes in shops and also to choose was good friends not only at home but also in schools.

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We love to see you in this phone we hope to see you in many more performance dressing like this.

No need to explain Khadzi, we just love you in anything you wear. You have our 100% support .