“I respect the white brother” check how much Papi Moloi is paying

Pabi Moloi, regarded as one of South Africa’s most reputable broadcasters, is a well-known name and face in the country’s entertainment sector who has long been in the spotlight.

Pabi started her career in 2006, and since then, she has expanded both her fan base and the range of her work.





Pabi Moloi works as a television host, radio deejay, television program host, radio deejay, and actress in addition to being a television presenter.

Pabi Moloi has kept her followers at bay when it comes to her personal life despite being one of the most well-known figures in South Africa.

However, rumours of conflict between Pabi Moloi and her husband Ruan Adams recently made headlines. You may find all the information you require on Pabi Moloi’s husband, her marriage, divorce, and child here.

The ex-husband of Pabi Moloi is Ruan Adams. According to reports, the couple had a traditional wedding ceremony on April 30, 2016.

Because Pabi Moloi and Ruan Adams kept their relationship highly private while they were dating, it is unclear how and when they first connected and when they began dating.

Pabi Moloi and her then-husband Ruan Adams split up a year after their extremely quiet wedding. Although the reasons for their breakup remain a mystery, there are rumors that Pabi Moloi’s spouse had an affair with her.

Since their divorce, Pabi Moloi and her ex-husband Ruan Adams have been fighting it out in court over matters like child custody and property distribution.

According to reports, Ruan Adams is asking for 50% of Pabi Moloi’s fortune, arguing that since they were married in a community of property when he paid lobola for her in 2016, he is entitled to half of everything they had together when they were married. In addition, Pabi Moloi’s ex-husband reportedly wants R8500 in spousal support each month.