‘Arrest this crook’: Sidambe blasted for not paying employees

Leeroy Sidambe, a wealthy businessman from Johannesburg, has come under fire for allegedly failing to pay his employees. Sidambe, who is currently in a relationship with influencer Mihlali Ndamase, has been accused of not paying salaries to the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) guards employed by his company, Sakhile Ezweni Group. Social media users have criticized Sidambe for his apparent negligence and have called for his arrest.

Last year, Sidambe made headlines when his relationship with Mihlali Ndamase became public while he was still married to his wife, Mary-Jane. Mihlali faced criticism for being involved with a married man. However, the couple continued to flaunt their romance on social media.

Recent reports reveal that Sidambe has yet to pay his employees for the third consecutive month. According to allegations, he has offered small amounts of money on random dates and has threatened to fire workers if they protest or stay away from work. This situation has left the employees in dire financial straits, with some lacking funds for transportation.



Critics have not only targeted Sidambe but have also condemned Mihlali for her apparent involvement in lavish trips with Sidambe while his employees struggle. Social media users have called for Sidambe’s arrest and have accused Mihlali of turning a blind eye to the mistreatment of his employees. Some believe that Sidambe’s actions are influenced by his relationship with Mihlali. The ongoing situation has sparked outrage and calls for justice, with the public demanding accountability and fair treatment for the affected employees.