ETV Scandal: Phakamile Found Out That Jojo Lied To Her

After Jojo found out that Thabang is the one that kidnapped his baby, he wanted to teach him a lesson. Thabang wanted R2 Million for Ransome.



Jojo gathered the money and went to meet with Thabang. He waited for Nhlamulo to tell him that his baby was safe then he went to deal with Thabang.

He kidnapped him and tied him to a chair. Jojo thought that he could handle it but things were overwhelming him. He was about to have coffee in the morning with Phakamile and he remembered that he had to go and take care of Thabang.

He told Phakamile that he is going to meet with Javas. After Jojo left, Javas came to look for him so that he could give him updates about Thabang.

Phakamile realized that Jojo did not go to meet with Javas. When Jojo came back home, Phakamile asked him where he was and he lied to her. Phakamile told him that she knows that he is lying to her. She asked him to tell her the truth but he refused.