ETV Scandal: Caiphus Was Not Happy When Gloria Told Him

Gloria found out that Abel passed away while she was at work and she announced his death on her show. People sympathized with her but Caiphus thought that she was over doing things.


Gloria went to the funeral but they refused to allow her to see the corpse. Gloria started to overthink things. He thought that there is something that they are hiding from her.

She started to investigate but Caiphus did not like it because Gloria was focus too much on Abel than him. During the day, Gloria was waiting for transport to go home with Rosirang and she saw Abel.

Rorisang told her that she is imagining things. In the evening, Gloria was with Caiphus and she saw Abel through the window. Caiphus had enough and told Gloria that she should be alone so that she can be able to see Abel and talk to her.