Limpopo:”Learning from the best Dj Maphorisa” Said King Monada

it is good to see young artists working together because there is a lot of good things that we can achieve when we are working together,both King monada and DJ maphorisa have been in the music industry for a very long time.

Making good music which many south African enjoy listening too,Limpopo province is blessed to have King monada because it is this type of music artist who are making sure that our province is well represented in the music industry.

And they have been paving the way for many young artist who look up to music as their career, it is important that they pass the skills to the next generation so that they can preserve their talents.

Below are comments made by people.




KingMonada_ once said if you say you working hard you must have something to show as proof that you working hard or else or you will be motivated by us.

Imagine if Kabza listened to people when they said he is better than Maphorisa.And start drifting away from scorpion Kings.Makhadzi & King Monada mustn’t read comments too much.Release more hits together And focusing on making money.

king monada is about to do even greater things for maphorisa’s career and i love to see it happening because King monada is one of the people who have been motivating young people especially those that are no longer going to school.

You will see it comrate King Monada is happy to be groomed under Lord Phori’s Hands.Dj maphorisaI’ve been working with many artist and with the experience he has many young people can learn a lot from him.

Maphorisa is trying to make himself the Johannesburg DJ Tira but he’ll never get the recipe right, in as much as he targets kids that don’t know shit from shit. He will never have the last laugh.

The weird thing for me, is that the Lord of amapiano Dj Maphorisa was the one who helped him get into the music thing, so him dissing amapiano dosent make sense to me.

I want the collaboration to be between King Monada and Maphorisa without other features. I love the track though.

Mizo phyll once said if we can work together as music artist we can become like the Nigerians we can conquer but if we continue beefing each other we will never make it in the music industry the time to work together is now.