Kid Selling Each gwinya(Vetkoek) For R8 Grabbed Boity’s Attention

A schoolboy who sells amagwinya (vetkoeks) for R8 at Curro astounded rapper Boity.

Her supporters concur that R8 is too much for just one vetkoek due to inflation making living expenses intolerable for many South Africans.


In a video of the learner selling these vetkoeks and other learners encouraging him, Boity responded.

Rapper Boity was shocked to see a TikTok video of a Curro student selling vetkoeks for R8.

By deciding to sell such pricey vetkoeks, the boy alienated many of her supporters.

Boity was responding to a tweet from @teboho_mx, who posted a TikTok clip showing a student from Curro selling these pricy vetkoeks.

Mzansi online users were left divided by the boy’s decision to sell vetkoeks for R8. Some supported his decision stating that inflation is to blame. Others found it absurd.