VIDEO: Unathi is suing Kaya FM for unfair dismissal at the station

Unathi Nkanyi, who was fired from Kaya FM, has decided to fight back against her former radio station. She had a fight with Sizwe Dlomo, who is still employed at the radio station, and he recently moved to the breakfast show with Solphenduka. It happened after Dineo Ranaka revealed not being in a good place and posted on social media about it. She is now reported to be being admitted to a health care facility to further deal with the problem she is having at the moment. Hopefully, she will come back a better person and healthy enough to get back to work. Back to what is happening around Unathi:


She has been saving funds that she will have to pay for to get legal representation in high court because it is expensive to have a court case at that level. She has been mentally preparing for it because she knew how tough it would be for herself from the moment she has filed the case against her former employer. She is not happy about her managing director, whom she revealed is the person who fired her from the radio station. But from those social media timeline comments, some have mentioned that she was on record when that whole altercation happened between Unathi and Sizwe.

She has not revealed how much it will cost her to fight such a huge establishment like Kaya FM. More will be heard from the court about whether she will win the case or not. She may not go back to the radio station, but if she win the case, it could be that she has to be paid a certain amount. It has been leaked on social media that she was earning R80K a month, and for the entire contract, that is surely a lot of money. Also, the full details of her contact are not known, and at the moment, what it is known is her salary the most. DJ Fresh was fired for something that did not exist, but he did not fight them back, and he moved on with his life.