Musa Mseleku Is In Love With His Wife. See cute photo

MaCele, Musa Mseleku’s wife, has received gratitude from him. The reality television star has posted on his social media pages, gushing about his first wife. Musa Mseleku’s wife has been with him for a long time, and he cannot stop expressing his gratitude to her.

With caption: “Your Royal highness MaCele Megaye, Aunt Vico Ndlovukazi Mseleku. You made me a person who defend ls such great vision, without you, I wouldn’t have this special family I’m building. Thank you so much MaNdosi you are a woman and more. May God keep you for us. These wives of mine are here, and you agreed Mamkhulu MaCele, you were only 22 years when we got married. Salute to my queen”, he said.


Musa Mseleku is a polygamist who has had four wives in his marriages. Musa just sent a lovely statement in which he expressed his gratitude to his wife. MaCele’s age at the time of her marriage to Musa, who has admitted as much, was only 22. Musa Mseleku and MaCele were commemorating their 20th wedding anniversary in their final reality television program.