“Make Up Should Be Banned” Make Up Transformation

Whether or not a woman wears makeup, they are still gorgeous. These days, many women consider cosmetics to be one of their most crucial tools. We don’t find anything wrong with the fact that the majority of them take pleasure in their abilities and like wearing makeup.



Unfortunately, it frequently occurs that if you use a full face of makeup, some people will criticize you for using too much makeup, and if you do not, they will assume you are ill.

Makeup can be used to highlight your natural features and enhance your beauty. It can help accentuate your eyes, make your lips look fuller, and give your skin a smooth and even appearance.

Which exactly the case on the below post, as we can see, on the left hand side she had no make up on and the transformation after getting her make up done on the right hand side left people in disbelief on the comments section, we can all agree that they look like two different people, which is why tweeps stated that make up should fall.