Emotional – Video of Murdah Bongz in tears while performing

A video of Murdah Bongz in tears while playing a black motion song was posted to tik-tok. During a performance Murdah Bongz decided to play a song that he made with his former band Black Motion. The band has decided to go their separate way but it seems that Murdah Bongz is missing making music with Black Motion. In the video Murdah Bongz is seen wiping away his tears and then covering his face with a towel.


People on social media commented on the video and said that they can see that Murdah Bongz definitely misses Black Motion. People were also emotional to see this and said that he should fix things with Black Motion. However others said that he is always emotional when he plays this song because it is one of their first songs that made them famous. People said that this song is just a memory for him and it is always good to grow.