Mzansi Is Left With Couple After Their Wedding Become A Joke In

After 22 years in the making a history, finally Tebogo and Kgwale are getting married. Tebogo is 43 years old while Kgwale is 48-Yearss-old and the couple have two adorable beautiful children. One thing that Mzansi loved the most is that their kids have grown old.






It’s everyone’s dream to get married one day. We have seen many people writing to #OurPerfectWedding because they dreamed of having one of their perfect wedding. Many couples who wrote to the show are normally older couples. Most of them are at the age of 40-50 who have been together for many years. This show has proven that older couples are the once that last in a relationship. That’s the other reason why they end up getting married at this age because they are not in hurry.

Tebogo and Kgwale Malope had a beautiful wedding. Everything about the wedding was just perfect, from the deco, cake, and the bride wedding dress. The couple had their wedding where they exchanged their rings at the park. The couple were beautiful but mzansi were not impressed with their groom suit. Mzansi were also not happy with dress of bride’s mates. They were seen wearing gold dress which does not impressed viewers. The groom’s mate were on point all of them. People in twitter think that it was going to be better if the broom also put blue suits like the others.

The cake is already leaning and the reception hasn’t even started yet. It was hot and we also understand why the cake was leaning. What the pastor was preaching about did not make any sense. The pastor is way out of order. Both men and women lose shape when they get older. There was no need for that pastor to fat shame women, that was very much uneccessary, or was he trying to be funny.