SkeemSaam Shoki Mmola & Her Husband Joined etvScandal

Shoni Mmola is a well known South African actress who has been in the industry for many years. She is an actress who has been in TV for many years. Her acting skills and determination has been rated hight with the industry, whereby she was able to steal Mzansi hearts.







The former SkeemSaam actress Shoki have recently joined etvScandal. This come after few months, she quit educational TV soapie SkeemSaam to pursuit other career choices. The actress was report to gave joint etvScandal where she is currently playing the leading character of Reverend Prudence Molepo. The actress is playing the character of a church woman and also a mother of Vuvu and grandmother Nhlamulo’s kids.

The news of her ex-husband Sello Sebotsane has been trending in social media after he made his first appearance in the show. The actress Shoki Mmola was married to Sello Sebotsane, who is also an actress for many years. The couple have been blessed with three beautiful daughters. According to the sources in Google, her husband Sello Sebotsane has been an abusive husband. The reason they got divorced is because of abuse.

According to the source, the etvScandal have informed Shoki that her husband Sello will be joining etvScandal. He is currently playing the character of a Judge Serwalo who is currently being investigated by Hlengiwe.

The eTV production have released statements indicating and assuring Shoki that her ex and abusive husband will not bother her. It is said that Shoki and Sello will not shoot at the same time, and they will also not appear at the same time in TV.