Sfiso Ncwane’s mom is living with a genetic condition that Sfiso had

After his love child was found, there was a lot of talk about the family of the late, award-winning gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane. Sfiso Ncwane had many children with other people.

The family told Nonku Williams that they knew about Sfiso’s child. Sfiso also has a daughter named Snqobile Mzalemu, who gave birth when she was 18 years old.




Fans of Sfiso knew he had a unique quality that he never tried to hide. He had six fingers on each hand, so he had 12 fingers all together. As you can see in the picture below, his mother, Fikile Ncwane, also has six fingers on one hand, making a total of eleven.

It means that the trait came from Sfiso’s mother, Fikile. Polydactyly is the name for having more than five fingers. Many times, the news has caught Fikile worrying about her son and his wife, Ayanda. Before, she said that since Sfiso died, Ayanda no longer checks on them.