Muvhango, Skeem Saam and Uzalo are busy employing relatives

Some family members have the same physical and non-physical traits, and some even have the same skills and talents. Some entertainers have siblings who also work in the business. Phelelani’s older brother is Sibonelo on Uzalo. Both of them are actors, and Uzalo was a great chance for them to work together.






Uzalo is not the only soap opera to hire family members. Three members of the Molepo family were also hired by Skeem Saam. Arthur Molepo plays Captain Malebana, Mpho Molepo plays Jazzy T, and Mpho Joseph Molepo was the first Charles Kunutu.

Does Muvhango also hire close family members? Sometimes, relatives end up in the same productions by chance, not because of any wrongdoing. On Muvhango, there are four people with the last name Ramabulana.

Tendamudzimu Mudau, also known as Nathaniel Ramabulana, the first Hulisani, also known as Khathutshelo Ramabulana, Vhangani, also known as Kingsley Ramabulana, and Vho Nenzhelele, also known as Samson Ramabulana.

In real life, the old man who played Vho Nenzhelele has died, and when Vhangani talked about death, he said it was hard to lose a brother who was also a co-worker. This shows that they are related. It’s not clear if Hulisani and Tenda are related or not.