SkeemSaam:Finally Mrs Kgomo Is Going To Know About Melita And Obed





Melita lets Obed know that she didn’t squeeze charges against Paxton and that doesn’t imply that how he treated her is correct. Melita is exceptionally devastated to see Oben that he actually remains with his child.

Melita then, at that point, lets Obed know that he will follow through on the greatest cost and Obes is alright with it. I figure Melita will request a recompense from Obed and his significant other will learn about it soon. Melita will trade out from the Kgomos, Ivy is clueless that is occurring under her rooftop.

Obed just needs to Melita cheerful in light of the fact that he enjoys the undertaking that is occurring between them. Obed sees no risk yet as long as they stay quiet about it, even Lizzy found them clasping hands and she was amazed about it.

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