Somizi & Moshe Ndiki Left fans Happy After They Were Seen Dancing

Somizi Mhlongo has made his fans and followers very excited after he shared his latest video in his Instagram page. Somizi is another media personality Who always know how to keep his fans glue all the time.




Somizi is a South African actor, choreography, author, MC, and a media personality. He is popular known for playing the leading role in ‘Sarafina’ movie series. The media personality have shared a video where he was seen on top of a truck with his friend Moshe Ndiki. Somizi and Moshe melted mzansi’s hearts after they were seen singing ‘Sarafina’ song. The video was captured in Alex, where Somizi has and Moshe had a stop and gap a local food.

With caption: “How do I tell this story. So, me and Moshe Ndiki went to Alex to eat some local food. Then this truck drove past, and we decided to hop on, the driver left with us, and we got far away from where we were. We then saw a car dropping off school kids and we hopped in. You should have seen shock and excitement on the kid’s face” he writes.

Many fans went in numbers in his comment box where they show their excitement after watching the video. Many people wished they can live Somizi’s life. A lot of comment has been seen whereby his fans admire his life. It’s not a secret that Somizi is living his best life.