Minnie Dlamini says that this hurt her

South African media personality Minnie Dlamini divorced her then-husband Quinton Jones and according to sources, the divorce was quite messy. A lot of people actually blame Minnie for their divorce, however, Minnie is slowly but surely revealing what could have ended her marriage with Quinton.




Minnie shared a quote that reads, “You deserve a partner who is not afraid to hurt other people’s feelings to protect yours”. She added to this quote by saying, Yoh I won’t lie, this one cut me”.

Now, as much as people actually felt that it was Minnie Dlamini’s fault that her relationship did not work out, it seems like Quinton Jones himself is not as innocent as we all had thought he is. In my opinion, I think that Minnie posted this quote because she felt that her partner, Quinton was not there for her fully as she may have wanted him to be and he did not protect her enough.