Vusi Ma R5’s daughter makes a Painful speech at his burial.

The people of Pretoria have gathered today, to pay off their last respect to one of their favorite entertainer and musician, Vusi Ma R5. The young, upcoming artist was shot and killed by unknown on the 30th of January 2023.




He was laid to rest in Mabopane, Pretoria earlier today. He was an artist of a music genre popular among residents of Pretoria called Bacardi. His hit songs, ‘Tse Nyane’ and ‘Thaba ke Changitse’ are popular and favored by the people of Tshwane.

The artist’s daughter Rapelang Marungwane-Mosoeu made a very painful speech that have also touched the crowd. She said that, his father’s killer may be happy for now, but they are left heartbroken.

“Father! May you rest in peace. We have to accept it. We did not expect this to happen. The person who killed you, how does he feel with that “blood money” if he was hired to kill you? If you are enjoying it, we are left heartbroken.” She said, with a broken voice.

This is a second murder of a popular artist from Pretoria, following the fatal shooting of DJ Sumbody late last year. Some people believe that there is a syndicate beyond all these killings.