Photo Doctor Khumalo’s ex-wife is living a comfortable life

Photo Doctor Khumalo’s ex-wife is living a comfortable life

It’s common knowledge in South Africa that the wives of professional soccer league (PSL) stars are living it up.

These stunning women have been known to jet set to some of the world’s most luxurious destinations on the backs of their bank accounts.

Former flight attendant and Namibian native Nolly-Branche Garises is now a household name in South African soccer. She was previously married to PSL superstar and one of the league’s wealthiest players, Doctor Khumalo. They became “it” after getting married in Namibia in 2007.

They tried to make it work, but their marriage ultimately failed. After eight years of marriage, Nolly-Blanche filed for divorce, claiming the football legend had cheated on her and caused her emotional distress during the proceedings. After their high-profile breakup, Nolly-Blanche has been quite quiet. She has since joined Chas Everitt in Sandton as a Candidate Property Practitioner.

Instagram posts made since then show that she continues to enjoy a privileged lifestyle, which includes frequent trips to Namibia and rounds of golf at the Dainfern Golf Estate in Sandton.

She visited the seaside city of Swakopmund in Namibia around the end of last year, where she was spotted out on the water. If that weren’t enough, Nolly-Blanche also has connections in authoritative circles. Kefilwe Mabote, a popular stylist and blogger who who works as a Candidate Property Practitioner at Chas Everitt, is close with the stunning Namibian beauty. This is all documented on her Instagram account.

Stylish and up-to-date, Nolly-Branche Garises wears what’s in right now. When she goes out or to the office, she always looks impeccable.