Makhumalo Mseleku & Mpilo Left fans Their pic New Style

Makhumalo who is known as a wife of Musa Mseleku has left her fans stunned after she recently shared her latest pictures with her stepdaughter Mpilo. The South African reality TV star Makhumalo have recently taken to her Instagram page where she shares her pictures with her stepdaughter.

With caption: “We don’t share a gene, but we do share style @u_enhle just like our outfit, we make sense together” says Makhumalo.



Apparently the two were seen wearing matching outfits but different in colour. They were both wearing matching suits, Makhumalo’s outfit was red while Mpilo’s outfit was white. Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku is not new in the entertainment industry. She is a third wife of polygamist Musa Mseleku. Makhumalo has won Mzansi’s hearts with her fashion and the style.

Makhumalo have said it in her state that they don’t share gene, but they share the same style. The reality TV star Makhumalo has been married to Musa Mseleku for many years. She is raising Mpilo as her own child, since she does not have kids of her own. Mpilo is Musa Mseleku’s child with other woman, who is believed to have died. Apparently there is not enough information about the Mpilo’s mother