Baby Cele, star of Uzalo, She Is Afraid To Get Married Again

Baby Cele, star of Uzalo, has spoken publicly about his fear of marriage following his third divorce. Baby (50), who plays Gabisile on the sitcom broadcast on SABC 1, opened up to Lungelo KM on the Engineer Your Life Podcast about getting a divorce from her third husband for the first time. Baby revealed that she and her 2017 husband, Thabo Maleka, have been divorced for two years.

“Having someone in my life who is compatible with me is terrifying. He has similar tastes to mine. He’s not going to be easy to track down, that much is certain. It’s possible I’ll have to marry myself “Baby, who had her first marriage end at age 27 and whose second marriage was to Mabuza, laughed about her two husbands.



The breakup of her marriage to Maleka was attributed by her to her separation from her ex-husband and her proximity to senior citizens. The unfortunate part, she said, was that they didn’t break up by arguing and convincing each other that the relationship was unhealthy; rather, they simply reached a point where they knew they needed to separate since continuing the relationship was no longer an option.

Despite the fact that Baby had never witnessed her husband cheating, she claimed that in her dreams he constantly abused her over what went on while he was away. Because of the exhaustion they caused, “I used to lie down and beseech the angel to cease these dreams.”

According to her, a brave woman is one who marries into an extended family.

“Some individuals think he should use a condom when engaging in sexual activity. It would be great if he came back to live with me now that I am safe from children. To his detriment, he should have forgotten that having sex involves sweating, having sweat pores, exchanging saliva and souls, and so on. A lot of that person’s vitality flows into you. Since you have slept with another person, it is difficult for you to sleep with me. man. Because I saw it first, people there have begun to get wealthy.”

She claims that, for the time being, she is content with her life as a solitary cow. She stated that polygamy is fine with her and that she thinks people should wait until they are 40 to be married.

Baby claims to be a shaman and traditional healer with a monastery and initiates in Mlindweni, Pietermaritzburg, in addition to her acting career. After being inducted into this ancestral work in 2004, she claims she is not taking any chances.

“Both my family tree and my knowledge base have expanded greatly,” he said. Despite her lack of availability, she will be treating people in Mlindo and taking them to the waterfall this year, she said. Baby claimed that nothing could ever come between her and her grandfather’s legacy.